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Affordable Power Solution Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Your solar power system starts with a solar panel. We only have the best and most efficient solar panels, at affordable prices.


Starting from R 1,960

Affordable Power Solution Solar Batteries


With the right storage capacity in place, you can enjoy free energy throughout the night as well. Get the best fit for your home.


Starting from R 2,300

Affordable Power Solution Solar Inverter


Whether you need to combine affordability with quality, or you want top-quality combined with an impressive output, we have the models you require.


Starting from R 13,000

Affordable Power Solution


Affordable Power Solutions (PTY) LTD is a privately owned company specializing in the design, supply and installation of Solar Systems. We are committed to make Solar Energy affordable to the general public without compromising quality.


Want some advise on which system to install? Get in touch with our expert solar technicians and installers to discuss your solar needs.

Affordable Power Solution

Installation Packages

Affordable Power Solutions (PTY) LTD offers various cost effective installation packages to suit your needs. We’ve put together carefully selected parts to make the most optimal complete solar energy solutions. Each kit comes with components that complement each other and are all configurable if you require additions.


Shop only the best quality solar accessories, easily and conveniently with our online solar store. Find every thing you need from solar panels to solar batteries and every thing in between.

Affordable Power Solution Solar Online Shop
Affordable Power Solution Payment


Affordable Power Solutions is committed to make Solar Energy affordable to the general public without compromising quality. Therefore we offer a wide variety of payment options for your convivence.  Find the best finance and payment solution for you.

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