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One of the big benefits people expect when they go solar at home is savings. Big savings. And while it is true that generating your own clean solar energy, the savings could depend on several factors.

How big is your bill?

Take a look at what you pay for energy now. How much do you use? What rate do you pay? And averaged out over the year, what is your monthly expense? These factors when compared to the cost of your financing will determine just how much lower your bill will be each month. For many, the monthly cost of financing their solar energy system is equal to or even less than what they’re paying now. 

Your energy needs

Whether your savings add up fast or slow also depends on how much of your energy you’re getting from solar. Of course bigger systems carry a bigger price tag, but you do have the choice to power as little or as much of your home with solar as you like. This can mean reducing your bill a little bit by powering your major appliances with solar. Or reducing your bill a lot by going 100% solar for your home. 

When will my system pay for itself

How long it takes for you to pay off your system and eliminate your monthly energy bill completely depends on your financing. Typically, a solar energy system has a lifespan of 25 years, and takes just seven years to completely pay off. That gives you 18 years of energy without a monthly cost. If you plan to sell your home, having a solar energy system has proven to be a major selling point for home buyers. You may be able to recoup your costs with the increase in property value associated with the solar panel system.

Solar savings, a sure thing

Whether you save a little each month or completely eliminate your energy bill, you’ll save with solar. Just how fast you save is up to you. Contact us by clicking below and let’s talk about getting you on the path to solar savings.