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Save Energy and Money at Work with Solar for Business

There’s been a big movement for homeowners to go solar, saving energy and money every month. But as a business owner in South Africa, there are even more ways that you can put solar to work for you, to save energy and keep your bills low. And we know your customers will appreciate your efforts for helping build a more sustainable planet.

Commercial Rooftop Solar

The roof of a house is no different than the roof of a business. If you own your business and there is available rooftop space, this is the perfect way to integrate solar energy into your operations.

Parking Lot Solar Canopies

If you have a parking area for employees or customers, this can be a great place to install a solar canopy. These structures provide shade for cars and people, shielding them from the sun, while the panels on top absorb its energy and feed it back to your business.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

If your business is sitting on land that you’re not using, make it work for you with ground mounted solar panels. With rows and rows of panels, you can turn unused land into a money maker for your business.

Customers Love Solar

Another bonus of going solar for your business is the optics! Customers these days are very aware of the growing energy crisis and climate change issues, and appreciate businesses who are forward thinking. Many go out of their way to patronize businesses who advertise sustainability as a part of their products or services.

Saving energy and money with solar is even easier and more affordable for a business, as peak energy use is set to business hours, and energy use at night is generally less than you or I would use in our home with the family. 

Talk to the experts at Affordable Power Solutions to see how your business can save with solar. Together we can design a custom solar energy solution for your business that’s affordable and effective in keeping costs down and profits high.


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