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Why NOT Take the Lowest Quote? It Could Cost You MORE

Our South African sun is a year-round blessing that many are taking advantage of to generate clean, affordable solar energy. More and more of your neighbors are starting the solar process, getting quotes from different installation companies and comparing finance options. But there’s more to your quote than meets the eye—and we’re here to help you navigate the process and learn why the lowest quote isn’t always the best way to go. 


Comparing Savings

There’s a lot more that goes into your quote than just labour and materials. The solar industry in South Africa is highly competitive, and you’ll find hundreds of solar installation companies to choose from. From our experience, when people buy just based on price alone, it often comes with a side of trouble. 


Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Say Solar Company A quotes you R50,000, while Solar Company B quotes you out at R100,000. If you look closely, you’ll find that Company A is using lower quality products to get you that quote, and these sub-par materials could cause you problems as soon as 6 months from install. Their installers are also likely taking a lower wage, are less experienced, and less invested in the outcome of your project. 


How Quality Makes a Difference

Company B offers the best products that are built to last and will require little to no maintenance. Good products and companies will offer solid warranties that can last the life of the system, up to 25 years. Solar Company B’s installers are among the best and are eager to make sure every customer has the best possible experience and installation to maximize their solar energy output. Plus, they won’t charge you endless add-on fees and will even offer some extras for free like a free inspection or service. 


The Right System at the Right Price

At Affordable Power Solutions, our expert installers will work with your home and your budget, but will never cut corners or offer poor materials that will soon fail. We are committed to excellence in every corner, from equipment to installation, customer service and continued maintenance. Call APS today and be on your way to a quality quote you can trust to start your solar savings journey off right. 


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