Choosing the Right Sized Solar Inverter for Your Home

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Your solar inverter is the heart of your rooftop solar energy system and is a key component to making it possible for solar energy to power your home. The sun’s rays enter the panels, and your solar inverter is responsible for taking that direct current electricity and converting it to alternating current your home can use to power appliances and lights and anything else you may need. 

The size of your solar inverter depends on a few factors. They come in a variety of sizes, rated in watts, similar to your solar panels. Your experienced installer will take into consideration: 

  1. The size of your solar array
  2. The geography of your home
  3. Site-specific conditions unique to your location
  4.         The size of your peak maximum load

Why Size Matters

Your solar inverter must be able to handle the capacity of your solar panels. How much your system is able to generate should correlate with how many watts your solar inverter can handle. Typically, for an installation of a 6-kilowatt system, for example, your inverter will likely be around 6,000 watts.

Why Geography Matters

In South Africa, we are lucky to enjoy many sunny days, but how much sunlight your panels receive can vary from place to place. This can affect the output of your panels, which affects how big or small your inverter must be.

Why Site-Specifics Matter

Similar to geography, your location will have its own unique elements that cause your solar panels to produce more or less energy. Shade from trees or other buildings, the tilt of your solar panels and your direction towards the sun can all affect output and inverter size. 

Different areas might also be subject to different by-laws prohibiting certain inverters in that area.

Every customer is unique, and your energy use will also factor into your decision. Without an inverter that’s the right size, your system can’t operate at max capacity and give you the biggest bang for your solar buck. Affordable Power Solutions installers are experts who are helping you find the right solution for your solar inverter. Big or small, we understand how to maximize your solar output and minimize your costs.