Is it possible for businesses to go off the grid?

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Solar energy is the way forward for businesses in South Africa. With so many sunny days, it’s easy to turn sunshine into savings that can boost your bottom line and save you money every month.


Solar can reduce your energy costs from the grid, or even eliminate them entirely. It can also appeal to your potential customers who appreciate businesses looking for more energy-efficient or sustainable ways of providing goods and services. And that’s a trend that won’t be going anywhere for a while.


Solar Basics for Business

Solar energy systems generally are made up of several components: solar panels, inverters, battery storage options, and connecting wires.


Solar panels grab the sun’s rays and absorb their energy. That energy is sent to an inverter that can take the direct current generated by the solar panels and turn it into alternating current we can use.

Beyond Rooftop

For businesses with unused land, ground-mounted solar panels are a great option. There’s also rooftop solar for businesses with a large rooftop footprint like warehouses and distribution centres.


That clean solar energy is sent to your business via the inverter so you can keep the lights on, the computers running, and your employees comfortable with necessary A/C or heating. Anywhere your business uses electricity, you can power it with solar.


Solar is Good For Business

You can also choose to generate your clean energy using solar panels only, without battery storage. That would mean your business is using as much solar energy as it can generate during the day, and at night it switches to using power from the grid as needed. This may be a good solution for your business if the majority of your energy use comes in the daytime.

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