What do I do if my roof is not optimized for solar?

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When you first consider going solar, you’ll learn a lot about the equipment needed, like solar panels, solar inverters, battery storage, and more. So it might be easy to overlook one of the most important aspects of your solar system installation–your roof. Here’s a few things that can affect a rooftop’s ability to efficiently run a solar energy system.

  • The angle of your roof

The angle of your roof towards the sky affects how efficient your panels are at collecting the sun’s rays. This can vary throughout the course of the year, as the position of the sun changes in the sky.

  • The health of your roof

This isn’t about whether you need to lose a few shingles, it’s about your roof’s ability to hold solar panels in place securely. That can mean that your roof needs stabilizing repairs before your solar panels can be added.

  • A clear path for rays

Anything that blocks sunlight from hitting your roof can make your panels less able to collect clean energy. If it’s trees and branches, cut them back (and maintain it) so that you are exposing the most panels to the most light. If it’s buildings or other immovable structures blocking your light, you may have to find another solution.

  • The right type of roof

Your installer will know what kind of mounting will be required for your style of roof. Tiles, shingles, flat or pitched, these rooftop elements do affect your install and your panels’ performance. 

  • Think outside the roof

While rooftop solar is a very popular form of adding clean solar energy to residential homes, if your roof style, angle or condition doesn’t allow for it, there are other ways. You can mount solar panels in the ground in an open field or garden area, or create a parking structure with panels on top. You can add them to a different structure like a garden shed.

Have a look at this custom pool shade solar system that we’ve built for our happy client Joan van Tonder.

The experts at Affordable Power Solutions can help you through it all, from determining if your roof is eligible for solar to help you find a way to take clean solar energy into your own hands. Owning your power is more important than ever, and together we can make it happen.