Looking for Ways to Save Energy and Money as Spring Heats Up?

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Spring has sprung and that means so has your energy bill. With rising temperatures often come rising bills, and that’s because as it gets hotter outside, your home has to work harder to keep you cool inside. From an overworked air conditioner to ceiling fans, leaky windows and so much more, we’ve got the tips to keep you going and your bill low.

  1. Seal windows and doors tight!

Use weatherstripping to keep cool air in and hot air out. Adding weatherstripping to windows and doors can make a big difference in how hard your air conditioner works to keep you cool.

  1. Turn off ceiling fans when you leave a room.

It seems obvious to most of us, but some people (looking at you, kids!) forget to turn off a ceiling fan or box fans when leaving a room. If a room has no people in it, there is no one to cool! Turning off these fans can help you save energy every day. 

  1. Go solar!

Of course, the best way to avoid the ever-rising costs of traditional energy is to cut it out as much as possible. When you have solar panels on your roof powering your home, you can rely less on the grid for energy and keep your costs down. If you finance your solar system, as many do at low rates, that monthly payment will always be the same until it becomes R0 and you own your system outright.

Applying all of the energy-saving tips you can find will help you rely less not only on the grid but on your solar energy system, too. That means your home doesn’t have to generate as much solar to run, and you can store your excess energy for later in solar batteries.

Talk to the experts at APS today to see how you can get a jump on saving energy and keeping bills low this spring.