Spring Clean Your Energy Bill with a Fully Installed Solar System ON SALE NOW

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Spring Clean Your Energy Bill with a Fully Installed Solar System ON SALE NOW

Spring has sprung in South Africa! It’s a time to refresh, recharge, and renew your life. And just as you might be planning to tackle all the nooks and crannies of your home, clearing dust bunnies and finding old clutter that just needs to be tossed out, don’t forget to spring clean your energy bill, too.

The best way to clean up your energy bill is to go solar! With a rooftop solar installation, you can gain more independence from the electric grid just in time for spring.

Act now and get a special promotional price on the APS Combined 10KW Solar System, on sale from R116,000 to just R99,650.

This includes everything you need to go solar, fully installed, at a great price. Here’s what’s included:

–       5KW Off Grid & 5KW Grid Tied Inverter

–        8 x 450w Mono A-Grade Solar Panels

–        1 x 5.1kwh Lithium Battery Pack

–        All Fully Installed ONLY R99,650

Renew your home with a brand new fully installed solar system, and give your energy bill a fresh start. This expert-grade system can power everything in your home, including Borehole Pumps, Swimming Pool Pumps, Air-conditioners, and Geysers.

The inverter included in this system is top-of-the-line, with PV Lightning Protection, PV Arc Fault Detection, a 5-year warranty and a 25-year design life, and so much more! Talk to one of the experts at APS to learn more about how this great deal can work to save you money every month.

As springtime temperatures begin to climb, you’ll be using your air conditioner and fans more and more, and that can send your energy bill sky high. Call the experts at APS about this great deal on a fully installed solar energy system for savings that start from day one. Shake off the cobwebs, put away the coats, and get ready for warmer weather and lower energy bills with solar.


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