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Does a Solar Energy System Really Last 25 Years?

Investing in your home with a solar energy system means investing in the future of clean, affordable, reliable energy that you own. It can boost your property value. It will provide a fixed monthly price you pay for energy that’s typically lower than you pay now. And it will last decades. But there are a few finer details to know about going solar when you get down to the components and their individual lifespans.


The Lifespan of Solar Panels

Most manufacturers of solar panels have a 25-year warranty, which reflects the point where the panels are a reduced production below a set threshold. Even after 25 years, well-maintained panels can last years more. Over time, the solar panels will lose their ability to grab the sun and convert it into energy, so older panels don’t just stop working. 


Other Equipment

If you add solar batteries to your rooftop solar system, those could require replacing in anywhere from 7-25 years depending on the manufacturer. For batteries, typically they are used daily, charging and discharging energy around the clock. Batteries can lose their ability to hold a charge over time, so like your panels, there is some reduction in capacity and the quality of the battery you purchase will determine how long it will last until it needs replacing. 


A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way

Your solar energy system is going to be generally low maintenance. Apart from the occasional panel cleaning to keep those rays coming in hot, and making sure there are no critters or branches on your panels, most of your equipment will run just fine without much effort from you. However, over the years there are some parts of your system that may require cleaning or replacing. At APS, we are always available to our customers to help with these periodic cleanings and equipment check-ups that can ensure your solar energy system puts out the maximum amount of power for as long as possible. 


The Best Way to Make Your Solar Last 25 Years or More

The single most important factor of how long your solar energy system will last comes down to the installation. When true professionals install your solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters and other components, you can trust that it will be done right to maximize the lifespan of each element. Talk to the experts at Affordable Power Solutions to see how our expert installers can improve the lifespan of your solar energy system with professional workmanship, high-quality products and guarantees.


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