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How Long Does It Take for Solar Panels to Pay For Themselves?

There are a lot of benefits to going solar. There are the environmental benefits, where you’re lowering your carbon footprint and helping move us all towards a cleaner energy future. And there are the reliability benefits, where you have energy even when the grid is down or Eskom’s load shedding shuts off your lights. But the true benefit to going solar is in the SAVINGS. 


How Much Can Solar Save You?

The best way to see if a monthly solar financing plan will be a good way to save money for you is to compare it to your current monthly energy bill. With most electrical utilities, like Eskom, the rates you pay are subject to change over time, and prices recently have been soaring with no signs of stopping. Most of our customers find that the price they pay for energy with solar is far less than they’re paying right now. 


Solar Can Pay for Itself in 4 Years

The savings you see from going solar and not paying Eskom’s ever-increasing prices mean that the typical customer can pay off their solar energy system in just 4 years. Without the burden of your traditional energy bill, you can put that extra money towards paying off your system faster. When your solar energy system is paid off fully, the energy you generate from your solar panels is yours to store or use at zero cost to you.


Free From Eskom, Ready to Save

When you finance your solar energy system, you’re finally free from the rising energy prices of Eskom and all of the headaches that come with bad service and power outages. From the moment your solar system becomes operational, you’re saving money. Let the experts at APS get you on track to generating clean solar energy that can help you lower your energy bills every month until they get to ZERO. With the right installation, you can generate clean solar energy for decades to come. 


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