Will solar get cheaper in the future?

When people think about investing in their home, they think of updating the kitchen or adding square footage or renovating a bathroom. The considerations are always how much will it cost and what could you conceivably get as a return on that investment when you sell or reappraise. So why then is now the time to invest in your home with rooftop solar panels if the costs of solar are going down? We’ll tell you.

Why Not Wait?

When you invest in solar, it’s a two-fold return. From day 1, your solar is saving you money in lower monthly electric bills. And when it’s paid off, it continues to save you even more over the life of the system. Investing now means you’re seeing a return sooner and can pay it off sooner.

Boost Property Value With Solar

A solar energy system installed and running on your rooftop means potential buyers won’t have to go through the process themselves to enjoy all of the benefits of clean, affordable energy. And as energy costs are on the rise the world over, and especially in South Africa, a home with solar will offer energy independence and lower bills becomes even more attractive. 

As Energy Costs Rise, The Cost of Going Solar is Down

Something like renovating your kitchen can be an endless money pit, but adding solar panels to your home is an investment that’s priced at a fixed cost that’s only going down. In fact, the cost of going solar has gone down 80% from 2000 to 2020. And by 2030, it’s estimated that the cost of solar will decrease another 34%. 

Solar Savings Today and Tomorrow

Take your energy future into your own hands with affordable solar today that will give you a return with a lower monthly bill now, and the promise of potentially $0 energy bills in the years to come. And if you move, you can expect that solar system to be a bonus that can land you loads more than if you don’t have it. Talk to the solar experts at Affordable Power Solutions to get started.