Give your home the gift of solar this Christmas

When thinking of all the people who deserve a little gift this Christmas, don’t forget about your home! And yourself. Give you and your home the gift that gives back all year long with a fully installed rooftop solar setup. You can purchase your solar energy system today and from the day it’s installed, you’ll be saving money on your energy bill.


A Most Special Gift for Your Home

This isn’t some ugly Christmas sweater or a hand knit cap. It’s freedom! Freedom from Eskom’s rising prices and frequent load shedding that can leave you in the dark. Make sure your little light is always shining bright with your very own energy source that takes our South African sun and turns it into energy your home can use.


And Our Gift to You

Now you can get a 7.2KW Solar System fully installed system that WAS R116,350 now for just R106,350. That’s a saving of R10,000! Besides lowering your energy bill every month, now you can even save on the upfront costs of going solar.


What’s in the Box:


        7.2KW Pure Sineware Off-Grid Inverter

        7.2kwh LifePo4 Lithium Battery Pack

        8 x 450W JA Solar Mono Panels

        All Cabling, Roof Mounts, Rails, AC and DC Combiner Box, Battery Disconnerctor with fusts, Battery cable with lugs


All installations are done strictly to SAPVIA standards. At APS, we only use brands we trust so you can be sure that your solar installation is done right. Give yourself the gift of solar and start saving energy and money today.


Don’t be a scrooge. If everyone else is enjoying the Christmas season, it’s time to spread some joy to yourself. It’s the all-in-one present that gives you the peace of mind you need for reliable energy, and helps you move into the new year on a new, greener footing. You can feel great about reducing your carbon footprint and your bill! Talk to the experts at APS today and get this special offer as our gift to you.