When you’re looking to go solar, who you choose as your partner can make a big difference in how much you save and how much energy you generate. The right partner will consider all of your needs and your home’s design to ensure you’re maximizing your solar panel footprint and being as efficient as possible with your installation. And experience matters, too. A professional installation will save you tons down the road.

Why is APS the right choice for you

Our experience installing solar in South Africa is extensive, with affordable solutions for businesses, homeowners, farmers, and other commercial and agricultural clients. Our technicians have seen a lot and understand the best way to install your panels so that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

The Best Products from the Best Company

We’re not just a trusted installer, you can also trust our choice in products and materials. There are a lot of options out there for your solar panels, for your solar inverter, for all the elements that go into making your solar energy system run right. Knowing which products have the best track record and warranty is a benefit APS brings to all our products, and we only supply parts and equipment we trust and use regularly.

The Best Return on Investment

Getting the right equipment and having it installed properly the first time will get you started on seeing a return on your solar investment ASAP. The sooner you generate the maximum amount of energy from your rooftop solar panels, the faster you can start paying down your loan. Within five-to-seven years, the majority of our customers have paid off their system and are down to paying next to nothing each month for their energy use.

APS has Integrity

It’s not that we just know the best products to install. We’re also adamant that anything with our name on it is top-notch. We will always protect our good name and will never offer cheaper products just to get your business or offer a lower quote. To make sure we always have the best products, we import them directly at cost and are able to offer our customers better pricing that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

If you’re looking to install solar and want a guarantee of quality and price, the expert installers and engineers at Affordable Power Solutions can help you get there.