The future of electricity: Go solar in 2022

Being prepared for the future is something that can save you a lot of anxiety and unplanned effort. APS wants to motivate you to be prepared for the future of electricity, as the uncertainty of the South African electric grid is ever-growing.

So how can you be prepared? Educate yourself on the current power situation and off-the-grid power solutions and choose to invest in them – as soon as possible.

Eskom in 2022

It is only the second month of the year and Eskom has already instilled stage 2 loadshedding countrywide. Over the past decade, frequent loadshedding has worn out substations and power plants, causing their equipment to break down more frequently and easily. This, together with Eskom’s decreasing energy availability factor (EAF) will only have more power outages as a consequence.

The electricity provider is also reportedly planning on increasing electricity prices by 20.5% starting in April and solar is a major money saver for homes and businesses.

New solar equipment

Some interesting new equipment has entered the solar market, including smart energy management technology. This allows the consumer to control their power usage, monitoring the system in a centralized space, read appliance-specific consumption statistics, and more.

While solar power is becoming more and more accessible to home and business owners, the demand for the service and products becomes higher while there are still limited providers, therefore justifying a higher price in the market. While APS aims to keep the equipment as affordable as possible, it is not that viable when every manufacturer raises their prices.

Your call to action

Put simply – solar power might become a necessity for homes and businesses to function in South Africa. The benefits far outweigh the possible disadvantages and as long as you use APS, your solar system will be installed correctly and with high quality equipment. APS are here to support you through the transition to off-the-grid power for a better future for you and the world.

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