Client testimony: Tim Smith

Our client, Tim Smith, was looking for a sustainable, reliable solution for the power issues in his area, with the main goal of combating loadshedding. He ended up having a terrible experience until Affordable Power Solutions stepped in and turned around his solar circumstance.

Hiring the wrong company

Tim originally hired a different company from APS to install his home solar system. He paid R250 000 for an installation that in reality was worth less than R80 000. The system kept tripping, not working during loadshedding, and overall working insufficiently. Apart from that, the panels had only been installed for around 2 months when they started rusting. He later realized that he had been charged the highest price for the lowest quality service and products.

The greatest danger of hiring an unregistered project manager is that there is no protection of the client against poor service whatsoever. The contractor is not held accountable in any way and certificates of compliance are not issued after installation.

Tim later resorted to having an independent inspection done on his system, as he was worried about the safety of this electrical installation and wanted to get to the bottom of the issue. The inspector found 17 faults in the installation. 

The turning point of Tim’s experience

After all the unnecessary hassle, an ombudsman from the Sustainable Energy Society for Southern Africa referred Tim to Affordable Power Solutions. We properly installed his solar power system which has been working excellently since. We also provided him with the necessary compliance certificate, assuring him that the work was done accurately. He reports reduced power consumption after we did the installation.

To quote Tim: “My only regret – and I say this sincerely – is that I did not come in contact with APS sooner.”

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