Our Credit Solution

Pay once off for a Solar System and get off the grid, or pay it off for about the same monthly amount of money that you are paying now to Eskom, but with the difference that you will have an uninterrupted power supply, that your monthly payments will not increase for the entire period that you have agreed to, and once your system is paid off, your electricity is free, month after month, year after year!! 


We offer normal bank interest rates, and protection insurance on your loan in case of death, disablement or retrenchment, which means your outstanding debt on your loan will be paid, should you not be able to make your loan payments. 


Payment options can be structured in easy monthly instalments ranging from 12 to 72 months.  You must be credit worthy and have a provable income to qualify for this option.


*John earns a monthly salary, and has a clean credit record. He has decided to get off the grid by making use of our credit solution. His monthly repayment is **R1,978, but John does not mind, because he used to pay this amount and most months even more to his previous electricity company, and didn’t always have an uninterrupted power supply, and on top of that they have promised steep tariff hikes over the next few years. 


John’s monthly premium is fixed for the next six years, and after that his system will be paid off, and he will have FREE ELECTRICITY for years to come…


Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • * Not his real name
  • ** Amount used was calculated on 72 months period, but can vary if shorter term options are chosen.   
  • ** Monthly Premiums can differ from client to client, depending on each individuals risk profile & scoring.