My name is Charmaine Coetzee. We decided that it made sense to install a 10kVA Solar System on our farm. My husband works cross border, so he left everything in my hands. 

I got a couple of quotations from different companies, but decided to go with Affordable Power Solutions for a couple of reasons, but mainly because their quoted price was the most reasonable.

When I was ready to order my system, I realised that only after I have paid for my system, it will get ordered and installed. I really felt the butterflies in my stomach, because I have never met Ben, who I had dealt with only on the phone, nor anyone else from the company, and R160 000 is a lot of money to pay blindly to someone you do not know. I kept on thinking: What if something happen and they don’t deliver? My husband would kill me!

I have decided to stop procrastinating and to take a step in faith. I can’t say that I ever stopped worrying until my system was delivered and installed, at exactly the date Ben had promised.

I was very impressed by the technician’s quick and flawless installation. They arrived at 7 on the farm, and finished with everything just before 7 that night. Everything is working as it should, and he gave me a crash course in monitoring my system.

Thank you once again. We should have done it years ago. Despite my initial fear, I can highly recommend Affordable Power Solutions to anyone wishing to install a Solar System.


Charmaine Coetzee