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The Power of Solar: Beating Loadshedding and Promoting Environmental Friendliness

Solar panels installation in South Africa, symbolizing renewable energy growth

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In the face of increasing loadshedding and environmental concerns, solar power emerges as a beacon of hope. The importance of solar power in overcoming loadshedding and promoting environmental friendliness cannot be overstated. This article will delve into the role of solar power in mitigating loadshedding and its environmental benefits.

The Impact of Loadshedding

Loadshedding, a common occurrence in South Africa, disrupts daily life and hampers economic activity. The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy believes that South Africa could end loadshedding within 12 months, with solar power playing a pivotal role. The ongoing electricity crisis costs the country between R204 million and R899 million per day. Therefore, affordable and reliable solutions are needed, and solar power is a top contender.

Solar Power: A Renewable Energy Source

Solar power is a renewable energy source that harnesses the sun’s energy to generate electricity. It offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional energy sources. Solar panels connected to a backup battery can provide sufficient power during loadshedding, enabling homes and businesses to continue functioning during power outages.

The Affordability of Solar Power Systems

The affordability of solar power systems for homes has improved significantly, making it a viable option for many households. Moreover, solar power storage batteries allow for the energy generated during the day to be stored and used when needed, such as during loadshedding. This strategy not only ensures a steady supply of electricity but also contributes to significant savings on electricity bills.

Solar Power Solutions for Loadshedding

Solar power also offers various solutions to beat the darkness during loadshedding. Solar lamps and jars, for instance, can be kept outside in the sunlight during the day and used indoors during power outages. Similarly, solar chargers allow mobile devices to be powered during power outages, ensuring connectivity even in the absence of grid electricity.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Investing in solar power is not just about beating loadshedding; it’s also about being environmentally friendly. Solar power is a clean energy source that reduces reliance on fossil fuels, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing solar power, we can contribute to the fight against climate change and promote a sustainable future.

Why Trust and Use Affordable Power Solutions (APS)

When it comes to choosing a solar power company, APS stands out as a reliable and trusted partner. They specialize in the design, supply, and installation of Solar Systems and are committed to making Solar Energy affordable without compromising quality​.

APS is known for excellent and efficient service, with customers praising their diligence, professionalism, and dedication​​. They have also demonstrated their expertise in correcting poorly installed systems from other vendors, reinforcing their status as a dependable service provider​.

In addition to their exceptional service, APS installs top-quality insurance-approved products with long warranties, and their competitive pricing strategy allows savings to be passed on to customers​​. They are also associated with several reputable energy associations and provide a 25-year workmanship warranty, further emphasizing their reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction​​.

Choosing APS for your solar power needs ensures that you not only receive a top-quality product and excellent service but also contribute to promoting environmental sustainability and beating loadshedding.

Deeper Dive into the Impact of Loadshedding

The issue of loadshedding extends beyond the inconvenience of living without power for a few hours. It permeates all aspects of life, creating ripple effects that can be felt throughout society.

  1. Economic Impact: Businesses suffer from lost productivity, which directly affects the national GDP. With the country losing between R204 million and R899 million per day due to loadshedding, this is a crisis that cannot be ignored.
  2. Social Impact: Loadshedding affects the quality of life. Everyday activities such as cooking, studying, and relaxing become a challenge during power outages. Moreover, it compromises safety and security as alarm systems and streetlights fail to operate.
  3. Health Impact: Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on electricity for essential functions. Loadshedding can put lives at risk, particularly in situations where backup generators fail or are non-existent.

The Science Behind Solar Power: Harnessing Sunlight for Energy

Solar power leverages the abundant energy provided by the sun. This process involves two primary steps:

  1. Energy Capture: Solar panels, made up of photovoltaic cells, absorb sunlight. Each cell generates an electric field, which is activated when exposed to light.
  2. Energy Conversion: The activated cells create an electric current, which is converted into usable alternating current (AC) power by an inverter.

Why Solar Power Is the Future of Energy

There are several reasons why solar power is becoming increasingly popular as a renewable energy source:

  • It is sustainable. The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, making solar power a renewable resource.
  • It is environmentally friendly. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power doesn’t release harmful greenhouse gases.
  • It is cost-effective. After the initial setup cost, the ongoing expenses are minimal, leading to significant savings over time.
  • It promotes energy independence. By generating their own power, households and businesses can insulate themselves from fluctuations in energy prices.

How Solar Power Systems Work During Loadshedding

A solar power system can provide power during loadshedding in the following way:

  1. Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into DC electricity.
  2. The inverter transforms DC electricity into AC electricity.
  3. The AC electricity powers your home or business.
  4. Excess energy is stored in a backup battery for use when the panels aren’t generating electricity, such as at night or during loadshedding.

Making Solar Power More Affordable

The affordability of solar power has improved due to a number of factors:

  • Technological advancements have led to more efficient solar panels and batteries, reducing the overall system cost.
  • Economies of scale have driven down the price of solar components as demand and production volumes have increased.
  • Companies like Affordable Power Solutions have endeavoured to make solar energy systems more accessible to the general public by importing directly from manufacturers and buying in bulk, helping to negotiate better prices for their customers​​.

Trusting in Affordable Power Solutions

Affordable Power Solutions (APS) stands out in the solar power industry for several reasons:

  • They specialize in the design, supply, and installation of solar systems, ensuring the quality and affordability of their services​​.
  • They only install top-quality, insurance-approved products with long warranties and excellent after-service, providing peace of mind for their customers​​.
  • APS is recognized by many insurance companies and adheres strictly to industry standards, providing further assurance of their commitment to quality and professionalism​​.
  • They offer a 25-year workmanship warranty, a testament to their confidence in their products and services​​.

The Boom of Solar Energy in South Africa

The advent of solar energy in South Africa is witnessing a significant upward trend, with more and more households and businesses turning to this renewable form of energy. The reasons for this shift are manifold, but the primary driving force is the increasing affordability and efficiency of solar systems. Companies like Affordable Power Solutions are working diligently to make solar energy accessible to the general public without compromising on quality. The company is known for its excellent customer service, high-quality installations, and long-lasting warranties​.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Accessibility: Solar energy systems can be installed in a variety of settings, irrespective of their geographical location. This makes them an excellent solution for regions with limited access to conventional electricity sourcess​.
  • Conversion of Sunlight to Electricity: Solar power systems convert sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb photons from the sunlight, which then stimulate electrons and create an electric current​.
  • Efficiency and Quality: High-quality solar panels are known for their efficiency. They are capable of absorbing a substantial amount of sunlight and converting it into electricity, making them a reliable energy source​​.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Solar panels contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, thus aiding in the fight against climate change. This makes them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional energy sources​​.
  • Cost-Effective: Solar energy systems are a long-term investment. While the initial installation costs may be significant, the long-term savings on electricity bills make it a cost-effective solution. These systems also require minimal maintenance, further adding to their cost-effectiveness​​.

Economic Impact of Solar Energy in South Africa

South Africa’s economy is steadily growing, with a significant contribution from the services sector. The proliferation of solar energy is expected to contribute further to this growth by creating new jobs and stimulating economic activity in the renewable energy sector. The solar power industry can play a crucial role in boosting South Africa’s economic development and sustainability​​.


Is solar power a reliable solution for loadshedding?

Yes, solar power is a reliable solution for loadshedding. Solar panels, coupled with a storage battery, can generate and store enough electricity to power a home or business during power outages. This ensures a steady supply of electricity even during periods of loadshedding.

Are solar power systems affordable?

Yes, the affordability of solar power systems has improved significantly in recent years, making it a viable option for many households. Some companies, like APS, even strive to import directly from manufacturers and buy in bulk to negotiate better prices for their customers​.

Can solar power help in promoting environmental sustainability?

Absolutely, solar power is a clean energy source that reduces reliance on fossil fuels, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing solar power, we can contribute to the fight against climate change and promote a sustainable future.

Why should I choose APS for my solar power needs?

APS is a reputable company specializing in solar power systems. They offer excellent service, high-quality products, and competitive prices. Customers have praised their efficiency, professionalism, and dedication. Moreover, APS provides a 25-year workmanship warranty, which underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction​​.


Solar power is a game-changer in the fight against loadshedding and the promotion of environmental sustainability. As the cost of solar power systems continues to decrease, more households and businesses can leverage this renewable energy source to maintain a steady supply of electricity and reduce their environmental footprint. Companies like APS make this transition easier with their commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Embracing solar power is not just a step towards self-sufficiency in terms of energy; it’s a stride towards a sustainable future. Get a free quote now.

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